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Events 2010

Though our organization was very small it became very powerful in time to come. We hope that we would be fortunate enough to have a well equipped building, with a suitable Computer lab, seminar room and administrative office.On the 23rd of July 2010 Mr. Pradeep our treasurer, Mr. Janaka, founder of the organization met Mr. […]

Lieneka, a university student from Utrecht university and she had just accomplished her bachelordegree Social Psychology. She visited and stayed with us for two months. During this period she contributed a lot to our organization. We noticed her desired to visit two of our other centers and every week she met the members of those […]

During the last two and half years we had been receiving internet connectivity with the help of ICTA. It was satellite connectivity and there was no any proper mobile or CDMA signal in our village. Unfortunately that satellite connectivity had been blocked and we were isolated and most of our educational and development program were […]

During the land clearing stage for our new building our staff members had to visit the Divisional Secretary’s office several times. After hearing our activities at the village he gave us his fullest support for the task and we were asked to make a computer system to his office. After several weeks our students attended […]

Jennifer (Zhang-Fan), a student from Dongbei university of Finance and Economics China, came to our village and spent two months with us. During this period she played a very useful role. She introduced many new games and activities for English language learning. Our students, especially the young ones, are very fond of such learning methods. […]