Welcome To LakAruna Foundation

Hingurukaduwa is a beautiful small village situated in the eastern foothills of the Namunukula mountain range in Uva province of Sri Lanka. LakAruna was formed in 2002 with the main objective of introducing computer technology to the people of this village as a means of acquiring education and knowledge to improve their ways of living. From a single computer with no internet connection and a bunch of curious little faces flocking around it, who have never seen a computer before in their lives, we have come a long way, overcoming many challenges along the way.

Our web site showcases how effectively these children from a rural setting have taken up the challenges in embracing new technology. Especially English not being the native language, students had to put special emphasis on English education, which they did successfully. Overall, the English knowledge of the student members has increased to a level not seen in this village before. Today our organization is assisting students with their math & science education as well. We hope to introduce e-leaning techniques to further enhance this process.

Our vision for the future is to further evolve our ICT education program around marketable skills while introducing a new sustainable employment model for the qualified students who do not manage to secure a place in a University. We think creating IT related employment in a rural village like ours would be an immense strength to the economy of the village as well as the future IT education of the younger generation.

There were many individuals and organizations that helped us in this difficult journey and if not for their support we would not have achieved our goals today. We sincerely thank all our well-wishers for their kind support and encouragement. We hope we will continue to get your support in future.